The Sword of Financier

Time to go now. Things should be on my back up as I go with my journey along with the world of Epargne. But I know that I am missing some piece of memory that reminds of my father right after he go with his journey, The Sword of Financier. This sword is from the grand grandfather of my father wherein our name was engrave on the stones of fame at the Mount of Name.

But what is this SWORD OF FINANCIER?

The sword of Financier which should be with the hands of the great warrior that will conquer the World of Epargne. The sword that has a great powers that can control only from the clan of engrape financier. A great adventure and dangerous creatures on my engrape financier journey that will try to capture the living creature that holds this great sword just to have that great sword for their evil works and plans.

As I hold this sword, I had a feeling and visions of my great ancestor. It came thru my mind the adventures and experiences of those who hold and weild this sword. A great feeling, a power that came through my veins from the head up to my toes which make me unconcious for just several minutes.

I woke up now, holding this sword. Now thinking why my father leave this to me. He is trying to protect me from any evils and creatures that will come on my way that's why he leave the sword for me. And now, I have to left with my own as an engrape financier and to find my father again and come back here again living happily together with my mother.
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