The Book of Search

I am homesick right now after living my home and my mother there just to have this adventure and journey as engrape financier swordsman. Walking with the my great sword and a piece of map which don't know where to go. My feet keep walking and walking through this sunny and rough road. The wind is blowing in east and my journey began and I am taking the lead to west.

The City of Books where I have to stop by is near. I can see those huge building which is full of books. Books about science, chemistry, alchemy, maps, and everything. But still I have to look this kind of book which can lead to me on the World of Epargne to continue my journey as a engrape financier swordsman and fullfill my mission. I have to look for the Book of Google.

The Book of Google is the famous book in the City. It is consider the greatest treasure of the City of Books were you can find everything you want to know. But using this book has a limitation. You have only 3 questions which you can use to know everything you want to know. You have to be wise as an engrape financier and choose the right question.

But where to find the Book of Google in the Big City of Books? That's the next adventure of Diwalcengrape Financier.
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