Start of the Journey - World of Epargne

Epargne is the world of unimaginable things. There are mysterious things happening in this world which now one can explain how it happens. A world of nothing which some say it is UNKNOWN and not existing. This is the reason why DiwalcEngrape Financier decide to have his journey and find this new world.

DiwalcEngrape is race on the well known family of Swordsman. A brave clan which maintain peace and other on the country of Windmill. As Diwalc grow older and older, he is trained by his father to be a great warrior someday. But When his father (one of the great financier) left home to find this Unknow world called Epargne, until now there is no news about his father. That's why he decided to have this journey, to find his father and truht about Engrape.

DiwalcEngrape Financier is born to have this journey and find some friends to help him to be more stronger and find his father on Epargne.
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